cybertruck tee and broken glass

Publicity Stunt? Tesla Creates ‘Bulletproof’ Cybertruck Tee

No matter what you thought of the Cybertruck reveal, you have to admit, Tesla has some clever marketing employees.

Tesla’s new truck design still has a lot of people talking. Back in the winter of 2019, Tesla debuted the Cybertruck, a futuristic truck more reminiscent of a Transformer than your dad’s old pickup.

The Cybertruck video reveal featured a rundown of all the truck’s features, including a live demonstration of the “unbreakable” glass. Unfortunately, the glass test didn’t quite go according to plan. Or did it?

Tesla’s “bulletproof” claim technically applied to the exterior of the truck, although it advertised the glass to be strong as well. Obviously, it’s not as strong as the brand thought.

Either way, Tesla isn’t letting the glass-breaking fiasco shake them: It added the broken glass image to a Cybertruck shirt. The Cybertruck Tee ($35) comes in men’s and women’s styles. Cue lots of internet laughs and commentary.

Note: Despite Elon Musk’s tweet, the T-shirt isn’t bulletproof. And the irony in that is hilarious.

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