Dozing Daredevils: Hammocks Gather Over Mountain Chasm

High in the Italian dolomites, a group of highline enthusiasts gathers each year to practice their craft in a remarkable alpine environment of Monte Piana.

Partially a memorial to the 18,000 soldiers who died fighting here during World War I, they gather during the five day Highline Meeting “to re-experience Monte Piana in friendship and peace with each other, accompanied by kindhearted feelings during the day and lulled to sleep at night by magical silence.”

On Sept. 10, 2015, the group of 26 people created an “especially designed rainbow in 17 hammocks” as a symbol of peace and a tribute to the past. The setup was built by athletes and professional riggers for safety. It has a breaking strength of more than 150 kN, or 15,000 kg, for the main line, all with a redundant back up. The people exerted a maximum force of 32 kN, or 3,200 kg, according to the makers of the video.