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Canyons, Stars, Mountain Peaks… 15 ‘EarthPorn’ Images

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[leadin]‘Mother Nature in all of her succulent beauty.’ That’s a tag line for ‘EarthPorn,’ a popular page revealing nature at its most epic.[/leadin]


Reddit’s EarthPorn page has more than 6 million subscribers, and all images submitted are “individually reviewed for compliance” by the site’s staff or volunteers to assure landscapes that include no buildings, roads, or people. Here are some recent highlights from the feed.

1) Snoqualmie Pass, Wash.

“I needed a spot to sleep while on a recent road trip and found an epic vantage point above Snoqualmie Pass, Wash. Multiple wildfires, and Seattle’s light pollution, made for a very intense scene!” – OurEarthInFocus

By OurEarthInFocus
By OurEarthInFocus
2) Skogafoss, Iceland

“Iceland lives up to the hype.” – camgooldylocks

by camgooldylocks
By camgooldylocks
3) Fjadrargljufur, Iceland

“I almost missed my hotel checkin because I spent way too much time walking around this place.” – Maplewhat

by Maplewhat
By Maplewhat
4) Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.

“My favorite shot from Yellowstone, taken at Bay Bridge campground.” – Flash4gold

by Flash4gold
By Flash4gold
5) Mobius Arch, Calif.

“Mobius Arch, Calif., at night with bonus Mt. Whitney!” – OurEarthInFocus

by OurEarthInFocus
By OurEarthInFocus
6) Over Washington State

“Toronto to Seattle, shot somewhere over Washington State. Taken with my cellphone out the window.” – brocheure

By brocheure
By brocheure
7) East Madagascar

“I was so intrigued by this view that I came back a year later to explore this small uninhabited island.” – fulminic

By fulminic
By fulminic
8) Yosemite National Park

“Finally made it out to Yosemite. Was not disappointed.” – lucaseubank111

by lucaseubank111
By lucaseubank111
9) Trona, Calif.

“Bought my first ‘real’ camera and became addicted to astro-photography. One of my favorites from this summer was this vertical panorama at Trona.” – f1p4

By f1p4
By f1p4
10) Hvitserkur, Iceland

“Survived a bird attack to get this photo. Taken with my cellphone.” – isehh

By isehh
By isehh
11) Lake George, Alaska

“On the way to work on the glacier. Shot with my cellphone out the helicopter window.” – doyouthinkhe-saurus

By doyouthinkhe-saurus
By doyouthinkhe-saurus
12) Lofoten Islands, Norway

“It’s the end of November, so I feel comfortable calling this my favorite photo of 2014. It’s from a mid-February night in Norway’s Lofoten Islands.” – elmofoto

By elmofoto
By elmofoto
13) Grand Canyon

“Since reflection shots seem popular right now. The Grand Canyon on the Colorado!” – mackwon

By mackwon
By mackwon
14) Yoho National Park, B.C.

“A lake in the mountains.” – be0wulf

by be0wulf
By be0wulf
15) Lone Eagle Peak, Colo.

“Forget legal pot. This is the real reason you should visit my home state of Colorado! (Just don’t move here.)” – cem2256

by cem2256
By cem2256

–Check out the entire EarthPorn feed on Reddit.

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