Click Espresso Protein Drink

Whether you’re looking to roll out of bed and straight into a workout or just need some fuel mid-day for an extra boost, a quick shake or “liquid meal” often does the trick. If you need an extra kick to that boost, just add caffeine. Click, an espresso protein drink, hits on both fronts because it’s a caffeinated liquid meal.

Click Espresso Protein Drink

Available in two flavors, mocha and vanilla latte, I’ve used Click on a handful of occasions and found it to be the perfect mix of pick-me-up and fuel. Each serving includes the caffeine equivalent of a double shot of espresso, 15 grams of protein and 120 calories. As far as taste goes, the mocha is an adult version of chocolate drinks like Yoo-Hoo. Although I’ve only had it cold, it can also be consumed warm like hot chocolate.

The drink was created by Greg and Beth Smith, founders of a chain of women’s fitness centers and self-described “fitness specialists.” Here’s how the product came to be, according to Greg Smith: “At the fitness centers, we were educating our members on the value of protein but what they were still craving was their gourmet coffee or energy drink.” The idea behind Click was to provide the “indulgence and energy” consumers crave in a beverage that tastes good and is good for you.

Check and check. If you’re looking for a tasty, healthy beverage to add to your fitness cupboard, definitely look into Click. It’s available in a 14-serving canister ($25.95) and in single-serving packets ($2.95 each).

—Stephen Krcmar

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