Contest: ‘How do you spell Epic’ in Iceland?

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Contest is closed! Thanks to all who contributed a word, some more than others 🙂 . . . but, truly, there were some great linguistic efforts here, and we’d like to award the top five. This begins with Fr??få??îngw?thøütåcôrš?tánd?ôvï?gevêrys?ng?ês?cœnd, a solid piece of pseudo-Icelandic posted by Melissa Cox. Like it. Next up, the competing and similarly good májéstíclýæwésóméféll and BreaÞtakingfoss respectively by Jordan and Marko. Gus Frederick contributed “For such a long, stringy waterfall, what other name than: “Dentælfoss”. Last, a looong contribution and one that caught our eye from Michael Gray, was à Eppihvaðstórfurðulegurógnvekjandivatnafjalliðfossholamislandiacric, which he informs us roughly translates to “what a freaking awesome, epic mountain water hole waterfall in Iceland.” Well said.

Our final contest in the “Boot Up!” sweepstakes, sponsored by ECCO, launches today. Get your linguistics in order, as this contest will require creativity with Iceland’s native tongue.

No, we didn’t just smash the keyboard. That is actually an Icelandic word below, and it’s representative of the versatility of the Icelandic language, which has changed little in hundreds of years.

(For the record, this word, one of the longest in the language, means something like “Key ring of the key chain of the outer door to the storage tool shed of the road workers on the Vaðlaheiði plateau.” Whew!)

OK, contest instructions below the photo. . .

To enter, exactly follow these three steps:

1) Get creative! Make up your own fictional “Icelandic word” to describe the photo above. (Your made-up word can be similar to the long example above or anything that tells us how you spell “epic” as it relates to this photo.)

2) Submit your imaginary word in the comments section below.

3) If you have not already, click the LIKE button above on this page and also go to the “Boot Up!” sweepstakes page to enter.

Prizes: The reader with the most funny and/or creative “Icelandic word” wins a pair of ECCO BIOM shoes (men’s and women’s options), a V.I.O camera ($600 value), and a custom GearJunkie Buff hat. Good luck!



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