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Tired at Work? Try Indoor ‘Nap Tents’

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It’s 3:00, the workday is dragging on, and then you feel it: The midday crash. Good news, pitch these office-friendly tents and take a nap at work.

B.Y.O.P. — Bring your own pillow. Beyond that these two indoor nap tents have you covered, literally.

Pause Pod Office Tent

For those who have no problem lying prostrate next to their desk, the pause pod offers full enclosure and privacy. Shamelessness sold separately.

“Inspired by the blanket forts we used to build when growing up,” Pause Pods built a pop-up compartment with light-blocking fabric. Shaped like a gumdrop, the all-black Pause Pod self-deploys when you remove it from the carrying case with springy integrated poles. There are no separate set-up parts.

It weighs in less than 5 lbs., and has three vents to mitigate midday sleep sweat. It also has a fold-out leg compartment that provides a total lay-down length of 7¼ feet. The main pod looks big enough to sit down — in a chic-nouveau lotus position — with about four feet of headroom.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter this spring, the $200 Pause Pod also sells relaxation-boosting add-ons, like a dual sleep mask and noise-cancelling ear cover, and an LED “starry sky” display that hangs inside.

Missed the Kickstarter? Pause Pod now has units for sale on Indiegogo with discounts on its $200 retail price.

Nap Tent

Too modest to lie down and sleep on the floor in a black abyss-pod? Privacy Pop offers a more subtle, albeit slightly so, alternative. Put your head down at your desk, close your eyes, and bury your torso in this half-body isolation booth.


At about a quarter of the price of the Pause Pod, you get about a quarter of the tent. The Nap Tent has as “privacy drape” that covers your back and shoulders, and a roughly 4½-cubic-foot box for your head (and folded arms).

The 1.25-lb. Nap Tent launched this year for $55.

Of course, who says you can’t just pitch the tent you have? Just leave the stakes at home.

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