Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger charging phone in the woods Photo: Travis Burke.
Photo credit: Travis Burke.

Sale: Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger 30% Off Right Now

Goal Zero’s Flip 20 has power and portability to charge smartphones and tablets.

The Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger offers a great power solution while camping, hiking, or whenever you’re on the go. It has enough juice to recharge a smartphone to 100% twice. And, according to the brand, “it can even boost a tablet in a pinch.”

Slip it in your pocket to ensure you will never miss a photo op or find yourself lost without maps.

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Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger: $21 (30% Off)

goal zero recharger

Use this portable charger for your phone, tablet, GoPro, or any other small electronics when you’re out and about. It comes with a USB port that you can connect to any USB cable from a computer or wall outlet.

The device’s internal battery takes about 7 to 10 hours to fully charge. Once charged, you have a pocket-size battery pack ready to take on all your remote adventures. Based on our review, the battery life lasts long enough to fully charge a phone one to two times.

The Flip 20 is only 4 inches long, so this charger can fit in your pocket or a small pouch in your backpack. This is a travel must-have, so get it while it’s 30% off!

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If you’re looking for something different, check out the Goal Zero Sherpa 15 Recharger, which is also 30% off right now. It’s thinner and recharges in 4 to 8 hours.

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