‘Where the Wild Things Keep Playing’ Celebrates Women, Diversity

The second installment of Outdoor Research’s ‘Where the Wild Things Play’ jumps into a celebratory montage of women outdoors. And this time, it’s noticeably different.

The first installment of Outdoor Research‘s “Where the Wild Things Play” hit the airwaves two summers ago. With the saccharine “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” by Cake ringing in the background, we watched a sea of all shades of athletic blonde hit the outdoors hard. The men were left pining at a bar, scanning an empty Tinder for the women who had abandoned them for better, more outdoorsy pursuits.

Well, the cultural conversation has clearly changed. And perhaps director Krystle Wright changed with it. Because her new “Where the Wild Things Keep Playing” rings loudly as a celebration of women that spans age, color, physical traits, and, of course, pursuits.

This, my friends, is how we celebrate women: wholly, with pride, with a sense of humor, and with strength. Give it a few minutes. It’s worth the watch.

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