Mountain Biker’s Epic Rap: ‘I Only Ride Park’

This Whistler Bike Park opening weekend video has a crazy twist.

If you’re expecting a sick park edit, think again. Okay, there are some cool stunts, but the highlight of “WHISMAS” is this park enthusiast’s original rap.

“Cop a season’s pass ’cause I needed that, big green trees is my habitat,” raps the rider. “Clean whip new kit makes ya I look faster, hittin’ all the secret lines like a park master.”

The bike and park lingo, coupled with park rats decked out in neon windbreakers, bucket hats, and tinted shades, makes the edit look like a ’90s dance party in a dense pine forest.

Still, it’s creative, hilarious, and actually has some sick shots that will make any viewer — park rat or not — say, “Dude, that’s rad.”

“WHISMAS” was shot and filmed by IFHT Films at Whistler Mountain Bike Park in 2019. Whistler Mountain Bike Park is the only lift-accessed downhill bike park in the world.

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