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Backcountry Access Giveaway: Take a Safety Quiz, Win Avy Gear

The snowsports safety company is taking roll call now for a ‘back to school’ quiz that could land you some avy equipment.

Test your avalanche safety knowledge with Backcountry Access (BCA) to get a shot at a Tracker3 Rescue Package. The kit comes with a BCA Tracker3 beacon, extendable shovel, and Stealth 270 probe.

It’s a pretty sweet prize pack (MSRP $435) for the gambit at play. All you do is go to the BCA “Back to School” quiz website, enter your name and email, and get started.

BCA specified that you can’t skip questions — for a chance to claim the prize, you have to answer each one. So yes, brush up on that snow safety before you dive in!

Users must enter the giveaway by Thursday, Sept. 22, at 11:59 p.m. MDT to be eligible to win.

Backcountry Access Giveaway Details

What’s the quiz like? As a fair-weather rock climber, I have little to no avalanche experience, but I entered anyway and took some crib notes. You’ll want to know things like what angle of incline avalanche terrain starts at, the basics of how to use a transceiver, and what avy safety equipment you should always carry.

If you win, you get the loot. Each Tracker3 comes with upgradeable software, a harness, and batteries.


The B1-EXT avalanche shovel comes with a design that prioritizes strength-to-weight ratio; it weighs 1.3 pounds and has a 10-inch blade. The Stealth 270 probe gets dual-size depth markings for readability and a nesting top segment to reduce its packed size.

backcountry access shovel and probe

Want the kit? Then study up; snow school’s in session.

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