Fake Or Real? Bear Chases Snowboarder Video Raises Doubts

Fake bear chasing a real snowboarder? Check out this video and you be the judge.

This video started to ramp up with viral sharing this morning, but many viewers are calling its bluff.

Created by YouTube user Kelly Murphy, the 1 minute 17 second video purports to show a bear chasing as she casually snowboards down the storied slopes of Hakuba, Japan.

Murphy insisted the event was real, telling The Independent “Yes the video is real! I didn’t know anything was happening at the time but it’s so scary to watch it back now!”

While possible (Asiatic black bears do exist in the area), we have our doubts.

Whatever your take, Murphy shows off some serious editing chops — or luck — in the crazy video shot on her downhill run in Nagano, Japan. It’s not the first bear chases athlete video to go viral online, and later to turn out to be fake.

But it’s a fun edit. So, are you buying it?