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The Most Wholesome Snow Day Throwback: Kayaking in the Snow

Twelve days of Christmas? Nope, Beau's on a journey he calls '12 days of newness'. This is one of those days — and the adventure it turned into.

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Beau Miles, an adventurer who embraces all type II fun, is famous for his marathon running — one mile per hour, that is. The concept: running one lap an hour for 24hrs and doing odd jobs, tough chores, and fun tasks in between. What started as a simple idea, slowing down and embracing the “slowke” caught on, with views in the millions.

Since then, he’s shared more videos of his inventive adventures, many of which revolve around running as well as adventures close to home.

This is a throwback to last year when he embraced “12 days of newness.” The most wholesome by far, Beau takes his toddler kayaking in the snow at a local hill. It was the same hill where he had his first snow experience as a youngster, bringing the memories full circle.

“This day of newness is really about a young person excited about a whole new world. And me, being a willing drafthorse that makes it happen,” he prefaces. A father willing to take a whole day, bundle up, strap on a harness and work gloves, and drag a slippery kayak (plus kid) uphill in snow? That’s a good dad.

Topped with a thermos of hot cocoa and sweet father-daughter memories that will likely bring some of us to tears, this isn’t about the craziest stunt or world-record-breaking chase. It’s simply a day of “good fun.”

Good on ya, Beau. We’re inspired.

Runtime: 6 minutes

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