1 Chore Per Mile: Man Runs Marathon While Knocking Off To-Do List

Beau Miles is a filmmaker, kayaker, and builder. In his film ‘A Mile an Hour,‘ he’s a man on a mission to run a marathon composed of 1-mile laps — and get as much stuff accomplished as possible in between.

Miles has accomplished a lot of cool things in his life. He’s crossed the Bass Strait in a sea kayak and paddled 2,000 km around the southern tip of Africa. Now, he’s attempting a feat much closer to home: running a marathon around his block in 24 hours.

“The marathon provides a structure, wherein between laps I’ll do as much as possible,” said Miles. After each mile-long lap, he’ll tick something off his to-do list: whether it’s building something, writing a blog, or playing Monopoly. It’s wacky, it’s fun (for him), and it gets stuff done.

His goal? Simply to do as much as possible. Boiled down, it’s simple wisdom: Get away from the screens, get outside, and do something.

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