Cody Townsend Brings Back ‘The FIFTY’: Get Hyped on Season 4

Winter’s almost here in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means one big thing for pow-hunting YouTubers: Cody Townsend’s ‘The FIFTY’ series is back.

Do you crave thin air and marginal avalanche conditions? Do you pine so hard for alpine starts and first turns your heart breaks? If you can’t resist the physical sensation of freefall the word “couloir” makes you feel, then take heart, because Cody Townsend is back with “The FIFTY.”

The barnstorming big-mountain skier is back for the fourth year of his quest to ski all “50 Classic Descents of North America.” And just like the last three, he invites us all to follow along on YouTube — even if you could never follow his tracks.

Crack a Coors, check out the trailer, and consider going to bed early after you refresh the monthly forecast page one more time. The fourth season of “The FIFTY” starts Oct. 5.

Runtime (trailer): 1.5 minutes

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