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Hestra Alpine Pro Voss CZone Mittens Review: Glovelike Fit, Warms Like a Mitt

(Photo/Jason Hummel)
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While lots of mittens offer great functionality and warmth, I was particularly impressed by the Hestra Pro Voss CZone model when it came to warmth and comfort outside.

I didn’t grow up in a state with a winter climate. But, as a long-time Colorado visitor, lover of winter, and transplant, I’ve learned the importance of simple, cold-weather gear. I’m talking about the very basics like socks, gloves, and mittens.

One of a few perks of not living in a cold place from the get-go was having to test out different layering systems, materials, and brands over many years and seasons. And I’ve tried a lot of gloves and mittens in my search for the perfect handwear.

But now that I know about Hestra, specifically the brand’s Alpine Pro Voss CZone mitten, my days of searching might be over.

In short: I tested the Hestra Alpine Pro Voss CZone Mittens snowshoeing, skiing, and generally frolicking around in the snow. They kept snow out, repelled moisture, offered me glove-like dexterity with the five-finger liner, and, most importantly, kept my hands warm. For an all-around mountain mitten, the Alpine Pro Voss CZone is a reliable go-to.

Hestra Alpine Pro Voss CZone Mittens Review

Hestra Czone back
The insulated back of the Hestra Alpine Pro Voss mittens; (photo/Jason Hummel)

On days between 15 and 35 degrees, these are some of my favorite mittens. Warm for winter weather, but not too warm, with a great finger liner for dexterity, and durable and waterproof outer goat leather material.

Everything from the wrist straps to the cozy fleece and synthetic insulation, to the women’s hand-shape fit and sizing choices, rocks.

The Voss CZone takes its name from the Vestland in Norway and is “a handy mitten for the entire mountain,” whether skiing or snowboarding, on or off-piste, says Hestra.

Before we dive too deep into our testing, here are the basic specs. It’s got all the crucial elements of a good winter mitten, including the following:

  • A waterproof breathable membrane
  • Synthetic insulation
  • Wrist straps

The design is clean with few but functional details. For example, the width around the wrist is adjustable with a paracord. And a wrist strap keeps the glove safe when you take it off to adjust equipment.

The gold nugget inside these mittens is the five-finger glove liner, made with brushed polyester microfleece. The dexterity inside the mittens in the liners, paired with the full waterproofing (thanks to the CZone technology) is what makes these mittens perfect for skiing or snowboarding in cold temps.

(It’s worth noting that unlike other Hestra mittens, the liner in these isn’t removable.)

In fact, when you slip them on, they don’t even feel like mittens. They feel like gloves — ready to grip, grasp, and go at the ready. Each finger has its own little fleece sleeve to keep warm and stay dextrous.

Testing the CZone Mittens: Below Zero, Single Digits, and Below 30

Hestra Alpine Pro mittens on a skier gripping ski poles
Testing the Hestra Voss CZone mittens while skiing in 20-degree weather; (photo/Jason Hummel)

Let’s be honest, on the coldest of days, you aren’t looking to impress anyone with a matching kit — you’re looking to stay warm. I’ve tested a lot of gloves, and most of them have been pretty warm. But how do they feel in terms of keeping digits warm versus the backs of hands? How did they hold up in different conditions?

For my first pair of Hestra gloves (technically mittens), I wanted to put them through a thorough test. So, I repeatedly used the Alpine Pro Voss CZone in three temperature ranges: below zero, in single digits, and 10-32 degrees (double digit temps, but still below freezing).

In the below-zero temperatures in testing, I found that I didn’t really need to be very dextrous and wasn’t utilizing that function of these mittens very much. My hands stayed warm, but any colder and the insulation of the Hestra Voss CZone mittens might have struggled to hold their heat.

For single-digit temps, I definitely appreciated the added warmth from the lining and GLoft insulation. It feels like there’s enough warmth both in the finger area, thumb, and back of hand. And, the mittens held up to wet snow and moisture really well.

Finally, we tested the Hestra in warmer winter temps (still below freezing). These gloves really shine in the 10-30 degree temperature range. They still worked great in colder temperatures, but I found myself reaching for a thicker pair of mittens with a longer cuff on the coldest days with the deepest snow.

For normal double-digit days, though, it was the Hestra Voss mittens all the way.

Hestra Glove & Mitten Sizing

The condition of the Hestra CZone Voss mittens after 6 months of testing; (photo/Mary Murphy)

Hestra uses a numerical scale for its sizing. All you have to do is measure the circumference of your hand with a tape measure (a sewing measure works great).

The size guides are based on average hand dimensions, and run from size 5 to size 12. You’ll take your hand circumference in mm, and then check it against Hestra’s chart. We found the sizing to be accurate on two different testers who estimated the same hand size.

For the Hestra Voss mittens, if you fall between sizes or are a couple of millimeters off, we recommend sizing up (factoring in the five-finger liner). You don’t want these mittens to be too tight or stiff. The right amount of airspace adds to the warmth that these mitts provide.


Hestra CZone Voss Women's mittens
The CZone demarkation for full waterproofing on the Hestra Voss Mittens; (photo/Mary Murphy)

At the end of the day, the Hestra Voss mittens were stellar performers while skiing, snowshoeing, and just being outside in the cold. They are super comfortable and warm, thanks to the five-finger liner (and design).

The only time you may want a different mitten is if temps drop below zero (opt for one with at least 200g insulation), or if there’s heavy snow and you require a longer cuff to keep winter out.

For $125, the Hestra Voss CZone is a stellar investment if you are looking for high warmth, durability, and comfort.

And sure, the nice clean beige and ice-white aesthetic is awesome. But the beauty of these mittens really lies on the inside.

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