Line’s Travelling (Ski) Circus

Decades ago, Warren Miller created, or at least documented, ski-bum culture — skiers who lived on the cheap so they could ski as much as possible. These rough films were popular, and over the years, they evolved to highly-produced ski movies featuring shots of epic powder runs and daring feats with athletes pushing the envelope in remote areas around the world. More recently, a new type of ski film has gained popularity. The work of Line’s Travelling Circus could draw comparison to Miller’s early work — it’s rough, low-budget, grassroots, and chock full of young skiers pushing limits with no pretense and little concern for anything other than fun.

In Line’s Travelling Circus videos, the skiers concentrate on jib-fests at terrain parks as well as in residential backyards. Crash sequences are regular features in the crew’s webisodes, but they aren’t wince-worthy like they can be in other ski-film brethren. They’re funny and fun, and overall the productions strike something like Jackass but without the potty humor. One example: To hit a series of rails in a backyard, the crew finds a free treadmill online and sets it up near the house. They crank up the speed and use it to launch themselves with necessary force toward rails covered by a dusting of snow. Hilarity and crashes ensue. Check it out at It may be the most fun 15 minutes you spend online before hitting the slopes this season.

—Stephen Krcmar