Patagonia’s ‘Mind Over Mountain’ Is a Skiing Rite of Passage

In ‘Mind Over Mountain,’ three aspirants take on the Bugaboos to Rogers traverse, one of the world’s most notorious ski routes.

For many, completing the ski traverse from the Bugaboos to Rogers Pass in British Columbia, Canada, is a dream. Multiple alpine ski descents among the best in the world lie along the way. So do immense glaciers, occasional valley traverses between loaded snow slopes and minimal shelter.

Altogether, the route negotiates 30,000 vertical feet of travel over the course of 85 miles. Suspect snow conditions are the norm.

Canadian snow sliders Leah Evans, Marie-France Roy, and Madeleine Martin-Preney find all that and plenty more in Patagonia’s “Mind Over Mountain.” Released today, Evans characterizes the attempt as the three friends’ best effort to test themselves against the mountains.

(Photo/Marie-France Roy)

“The Bugs to Rogers ski traverse is something I’ve daydreamed about for years,” she said. “In local ski culture, it has become somewhat of a rite of passage for people wanting to expand their mountain skills or test themselves to see if they have what it takes to join the ranks of the big-mountain elite.”

Will they make the cut? “No idea,” one skier says in the film. “No idea what I was getting myself into.” Tune in to “Mind Over Mountain” to find out.

Runtime: 39 minutes

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