Free Gear Fridays: SHRED Ski and Snowboard Package Giveaway

Here at GearJunkie, we test a lot of gear. We are fortunate to test cutting-edge new products. Now, we want to give you the chance to win some gear too.

This week, one lucky winner will receive a helmet, goggles, and a back protector from SHRED!


More on the brand: SHRED was founded in 2006 by Olympic champion Ted Ligety and Carlo Salmini, a materials engineer and MIT graduate. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking, SHRED’s eyewear, and protection stand to boost your confidence and amplify your fun.

More on the product: Reflecting SHRED’s deep commitment to innovation, its flagship Simplify goggles, Totality Noshock helmet, and Flexi Back Protector Naked showcase the brand’s proprietary technology.

The Simplify features SHRED’s proprietary Contrast Boosting Lens technology, which it developed and refined with the MIT Sports Lab to maximize contrast and image definition. The goggles incorporate the brand’s NoDistortion technology that further enhances clarity while its frame design provides an unrivaled field of view.

To give you the confidence to unleash your potential, the Totality Noshock helmet features the brand’s Smart Impact Protection System. This technology pairs SHRED’s Rotational Energy System (RES) with the helmet’s integrated honeycomb-cone-structured Slytech Shock Absorption to create unparalleled synergy for combating linear and multidirectional forces.

SHRED’s Flexi Back Protector Naked offers maximum comfort so you can forget you’re wearing protection until you truly need it. Especially thin, light, and flexible, it boosts your confidence and allows you to push your limits thanks to its Slytech Shock Absorption.

The winner may select colors and sizes from SHRED’s available inventory or redeem the prize in the fall to choose from the brand’s full 2021 collection.

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