Sit-Skier Sends Corbet’s Couloir in Kings and Queens

Trevor Kennison broke his back 4 years ago snowboarding on Vail Pass. Now, he’s sit-skiing some incredible terrain.

Surprisingly, sit-skiing is pretty similar to snowboarding — at least, according to Trevor Kennison. And he makes it look pretty easy.

After recovering from his injury and learning how to sit-ski, he made a list of goals. Amongst them: Go to the Paralympics, do a backflip, jump a road gap, and hit Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Corbet’s isn’t just an iconic terrain feature or fun stunt location. It’s also part of an annual competition called Kings and Queens of Corbet’s. Watch Kennison attempt Corbet’s Couloir in this video, along with snowboard and ski athletes like Travis Rice and Caite Zeliff.

Athletes are constantly pushing themselves. But gauging the perfect speed and landing just to throw yourself off a cliff — with confidence? It’s crazy impressive.

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