This ‘A Little Rogue, A Little Rowdy’ Ski Movie Is a Gen Z Magnum Opus

What happens when an international ski brand gives three teenagers a budget and a mission to make a ski film? Things get a little rogue and a little rowdy.

Everything about the soon-to-be-released ski film “A Little Rogue, a Little Rowdy” is in the title. Salomon wanted to make a film about what it’s like to be a teenage professional sponsored ski athlete. But instead of making the film itself, the company decided to let its kid-athletes take the reins and make it on their own.

That’s exactly what Luke Gentry, Wyatt Gentry, and Tucker Carr did. They set out on a cross-country adventure, linking up with other athletes from the Salomon Junior (under 18) Mountain Collective, to send it big at some of the most renowned resorts on the continent.

They skied and filmed at Jackson Hole, Whistler, Revelstoke, and Mt. Baker, crushing pow, charging steeps, and flying through terrain parks.

“A Little Rogue, a Little Rowdy” showcases these teen athletes’ talent — not just on the slopes, but behind the camera and in the editing room as well. It’s full of laughs, beautiful cinematography, and, of course, a lot of great skiing. It might just make you wonder what you’re doing with your life when you see what these teenagers are capable of creating.

It wasn’t easy, the skiers admit. But it was worth the effort. (And on Salomon’s end, it was worth the risk.)

You can find “A Little Rogue, A Little Rowdy” on tour this fall as part of Salomon’s Quality Ski Time Film Tour. Athletes from the film will be there to sign posters, mix, and mingle.

Runtime (trailer): 1 minute

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