Atomic’s Latest Ski Boot Is Mobile Coach, Talks to Your Phone

The Atomic Hawx Connected ski boot uses sensors to provide real-time feedback on your mad skiing skills.

The Atomic Hawx is a popular ski boot sold around the world. And now, Atomic will add smartphone connectivity to the model in the form of the Hawx Ultra Connected.

Atomic Hawx Ultra Connected
Atomic Hawx Ultra Connected

The platform allows skiers to track their skiing with in-depth technique analysis. The Connected app interfaces through a smartphone and gives ski-specific data like balance, pressure control, edging, turn G-forces, slope angle, turn count, GPS track, run count, average speed, top speed, total distance, total vertical, and more.

Challenge Friends

The boot and app combination also allows skiers to compete with others in a “global ski community.” The brand said it will let skiers see how they stack up against world cup champions like Benni Raich.

Ski Better With Digital Coaching

Atomic also said the app works as a training log and coach. It provides “inspirational video and the ultimate breakdown of your skiing technique” after each run. It compiles results from a full season of skiing. This lets skiers set goals and targets to improve.

While we’re excited for it, Atomic has not yet released pricing on the Hawx Ultra Connected ski boot.

For technophiles or just those who want more feedback on their skiing, it’s an interesting evolution in the sport and a new way to stay connected on the slopes.

Sean McCoy

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