bluebird backcountry
Skin in to Bluebird Backcountry's new cabins and geodesic lodges; (photo/Justin Wilhelm)

Bluebird Backcountry Offers Overnight Lodging for First Time, Joins Indy Pass

Colorado’s only non-lift-served ski resort dropped good news for Indy Pass holders and weekenders — and announced deep discounts.

Bluebird Backcountry will offer overnight accommodations (not just on-site camping) and welcome Indy Pass skiers and splitboarders for the first time in its young history this ’22-’23 winter season.

The resort opened in 2020 and gained immediate popularity, steadily growing as those eager to earn their turns got hip to the concept.

Now for the first time, you can stop at the resort for a multiday stay, whether you’re willing to sleep in the parking lot or at the base area. Bluebird’s lodging options will include multiple choices between frontcountry and backcountry stays, for groups in a range of sizes.

2022-23 Bluebird Backcountry Stays

Camping isn’t allowed at most ski resort base areas, so that’s already a treat. But extra-psyched guests can opt for a “hut trip experience.” It’s offering backcountry lodging — accessible by skin trails less than 2 miles long, according to a press release. Cabins and insulated geodesic domes await skiers at the end.

bluebird backcountry
(Photo/Justin Wilhelm)

As in previous years, the base area will also hold the insulated domes. A hostel-style cabin can sleep up to five visitors, and skiers can also bivy in the parking lot like last season, Bluebird said.

The resort said the options amount to 40 beds, which all come with a heat source, plus kitchen and restroom facilities. The on-mountain domes will have their own kitchen space and “rustic” toilet setup, it said. Also, the base area domes and cabins use a shared kitchen space and port-a-potties.

bluebird bakccountry
Bluebird Backcountry offers avalanche-controlled backcountry terrain; (photo/Scott Cody)

Bluebird did note that the new accommodations will not have running water or Wi-Fi access. (Both are available at the main lodge.)

For now, you can reserve a bed for cheap. Bluebird offers an introductory rate of 30% off lodging during its Early Bird Special, which runs through September 30. Reservations start at $59 per night.

bluebird backcountry
(Photo/Riley Hanlon)

Indy Pass at Bluebird

If you’re on the Indy Pass, check it out for a 2-day stay: Indy skiers get a further lodging discount at Bluebird, and 2 days on the mountain with no blackout dates. A beginner backcountry lesson and gear rental for skiers or splitboarders come with pass access.

“Bluebird’s mission to revive the soul of skiing aligns perfectly with the goals of the Indy Pass,” Bluebird co-founder Jeff Woodward said. “We love the mom-and-pop, ski-area culture that the Indy Pass continues to support. And [we] look forward to making the backcountry more accessible for this season.”

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