BLANK Collective Gets Neck-Deep in Powder (And Philosophy) in ‘Feel Real’

The BLANK Collective film, ‘Feel Real,’ dives into the moments, relationships, challenges, and accomplishments that shaped this team of pro skiers into the senders they are today.

A person is a product of the sum of their experiences. The moments that have shaped your life, the relationships you’ve had, the challenges you’ve struggled through, and the accomplishments you’ve made collectively define who you are at any given point in your life.

That’s the central theme of the eighth feature length from the BLANK Collective, an action-packed ski film called “Feel Real.”

Feel Real explores the idea of living in the moment. It reflects on creating a future (and a past) out of the present. That means embracing vulnerability, exploring the world with an open heart and mind, and never taking yourself too seriously — all of which the athletes of the Blank Collective do throughout the movie.

There are laughs, there are moments of ecstasy, moments of anxiety, and moments of triumph — all tied together with sick edits of big-mountain, hard-core, deep-powder skiing.

And the film’s lineup of athletes is a dream team. The personalities of Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Anna Segal, Chris Rubens, Alex Armstrong, Josh Daiek, Dane Tudor, ABM, Leah Evans, Emma Patterson, Nat Segal, Jordy Kidner, Jess Hotter, Aaron Blunck, Ian Morrison, Emily Childs, Jonathan Rollins, Max Moffatt, Cody Townsend, and Brynn Johnston are all featured in “Feel Real.”

“Feel Reel” by BLANK Collective premiered on November 22 on Salomon TV. You can find it, and more of BLANK Collective’s films, on its website.

Runtime: 55 minutes

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