Craziest Lift Line Ever? This Might Be It

Want to see how a huge winter storm affects lift lines? Watch this.

Notable. Epic. Insane. This past week, Vail Resorts in Colorado received more than 31 inches of snow in 48 hours, while nearby Arapahoe Basin and Eldora Mountain got over 44 inches, and Breckenridge Resort got dumped on with 62 inches. And with all that falling right before the weekend, people were going crazy for pow.

All that’s to say: The resorts were crowded. And not stand-in-line-for-15-minutes crowded. Crowds-roaring-like-at-a-concert crowded. Driving-7-hours-to-stand-in-line-for-a few-more-hours crowded.

The intense storm caused high winds and even an avalanche on I-70 near Frisco. It shut down most of the highway through the Colorado Mountain Corridor as well.

At what point does the skiing make it worth it? We’re not sure. But we do know this: Next time there’s a storm brewing, consider taking advantage of uphill access to reach the snow of your dreams.

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