Pirelli Blossum Rubber Skis

Rubber Ski? Pirelli Tires, Blossom Skis Launch Unique Collab

When a Formula One tire company and handmade high-performance ski company join forces, a chatter-dampening ski is born.

Pirelli Blossum Rubber Skis

Pirelli turns 110 this year, and with the birthday comes new skis.  An odd statement to be sure, but these skis are for real. Made in partnership with Blossom, 110 pairs of skis will be made that include vibration-dampening rubber within the build.

The layer of vulcanized rubber will be sandwiched in the composite during construction. Pirelli claims the unique addition is capable of dampening up to 60 percent of the vibrations from the snow to the skis.

Skis have integrated dampening materials for years, and the rubber addition is also not a novel endeavor. Graphene, carbon, wood, and metal have all been used to lower vibration. However, the collaboration between two established entities in the automotive and ski world raises our eyebrows.

For 2017, these skis will retail for a whopping $1,500, bindings and shipping included. Preorders are open now for these slick slats.

Pirelli Blossum Rubber Skis

Pirelli X Blossom Collaboration

Pirelli Blossum Rubber SkisOne of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, Pirelli is the exclusive supplier for the Formula One Championship. It knows how to make high-speed race tires, which is another way of saying it makes some quality rubber.

Pirelli Design is a side project launched in the early 2000s that uses Pirelli’s technological know-how to develop unique collaborative builds. In this case with Blossom, it’s a pair of skis.

The other side of the collab is Blossom, a small Italian ski manufacturer. The brand takes into account weight, height, ability, and all the customer’s preferences when making each unique pair of skis. A trainer of the Italian national ski team co-founded Blossom in 1999.

From the shape of the skis, these appear born to rip groomers. And if the dampening claims hold true, these should rock on chattery, hard slopes, letting you corner like a Formula One.

Pirelli Blossum Rubber Skis

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