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Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC Skis Review: Ditch the Wax and Hit the Tracks (or Backcountry)

For recreational cross-country skiers, the Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC Skis from Salomon are waxless, all-terrain sticks you can take anywhere in almost any conditions.

Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC Skis Review(Photo/Emma Athena)
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When you live near dozens of miles of groomed nordic tracks and five times that amount of snow-packed backcountry trails, choosing where to go cross-country skiing can be the hardest part of getting ready. Decisions, decisions! That was often the headspace I’d find myself in, deliberating on where to go as snow fell and sun-bright days perfect for skiing followed.

The only thing that made it any easier was having Salomon’s Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC Skis at my disposal. This all-terrain classic ski shines on groomed tracks and in backcountry zones with equal force. Once I decided on my location, all I’d have to do was load the skis, my Vitane Plus Prolink boots, and Escape Vitane poles. Then I’d be on my way, no matter the conditions or locale.

And even better, after arriving at whatever trailhead piqued my interest, thanks to the Snowscape 7 Posigrip’s waxless base, I could pull out my equipment and hit the trails ASAP without fumbling with wax or cursing myself for forgetting it at home.

Low stress and reliability, just as I like my public transportation, so I like my cross-country skis. And here, Salomon truly delivers.

In short: As a minimalist and environmentalist, having a single nordic set-up not only keeps my gear closet neat and tidy. It also reduces the number of materials I own and purchase.

But as a nordic skiing fiend, I don’t want to sacrifice performance. I’m not Jessie Diggins, but I do like to move fast sometimes and have fun, which is exactly where Salomon’s Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC skis enter the chat. They’re ultra-stable on or off the track and highly maneuverable in a wide variety of conditions. These skis really are the one set that can do it all.

Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC Skis


  • Activity Classic nordic skiing
  • Construction 3D
  • Core densolite
  • Grip Posigrip
  • Binding Included Prolink Auto CL
  • Claimed Weight 4 lbs. 2 oz. (size large, pair)
  • Manufacturer Warranty 2 years


  • Waxless
  • Versatile for most terrain
  • Smooth glide
  • Stable ride
  • Wider for easy backcountry maneuvering
  • Unisex


  • Wider ski, not as fast

Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip Review

Testing the Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC Skis
Testing the Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC Skis; (photo/Emma Mure)

The Grip

The waxless base has an embossed pattern in addition to a water/slip-repellent finish. That delivers a solid grip on many types of snow surfaces. After kicking around smoothed groomed trails, icy backcountry areas, and powdered spots, I found the Snowscape 7 Posigrip skis handled the variety of terrain like a good jar of peanut butter can handle bread, celery, or oatmeal: they’re tasty no matter what you put them on.

The Snowscape 7 Posigrip base is waxless, saving you time and money in purchasing and periodically applying new wax to the skis. That’s a win-win in my books. The glide is even and smooth, whether following groomed trails or creating your own ungroomed tracks.

Testing the Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC Skis
(Photo/Emma Mure)

I pushed up hills with my skis in-track at the Spring Gulch Trail System in the majestic shadow of Carbondale’s Mt. Sopris. I didn’t slip a single time with a proper stance on the skis.

Gliding up with my short shuffle kicks, it was easy to maintain momentum with the Posigrip’s smooth glide. I almost did feel like Jessie Diggins on a race course for a moment — right until I crested the hill and decided to take a nice long water break to soak in the views.

On a steeper hill in backcountry terrain, I worked my way up the Highline Trail and switched to side-stepping uphill for a portion. The Snowscape 7 Posigrip ski’s edges, combined with the rigid cuff structure of Salomon’s Vitane Plus Prolink boots, were enough to get me to the top without too much stress.

The Construction

Designed as a slightly shorter touring ski than other cross-country sticks on the market, I loved how nimble I felt on the trails with the Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip, whether I was maneuvering around curves and between sections of trees or up and down rolling obstacles.

Compared to higher-performance classic skis, the Snowscape 7 Posigrips are a bit wider. That helps them handle deeper ungroomed snow. What you might lose in speed on the track, you gain in terrain versatility. That feature, plus the modest rocker lifting up the ski tips, made for a smooth day breaking trail through two inches of fresh powder on the upper-mountain trails of Carbondale’s Red Hill.

Testing the Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC Skis
(Photo/Emma Mure)

The Snowscape 7 Posigrip skis are manufactured using 3D construction technology. Because all the cuts and the details of their builds are digitized, the performance record is even across both skis.

Constructed with fiberglass and foam, these sticks are pleasantly lightweight while also durable and not too shaky on descents. After a couple of double-digit mile days and another that pushed me through several rooted and rocky patches, the skis held up well. I can safely say they’ll be with me for years to come.

Thanks to a slight sidecut carved behind the foot, there’s added control and stability. I noticed it, especially when descending out of the tracks. Yes, I did eat some snow a couple of times on my downhills. But who doesn’t when playing or testing their limits?

Testing the Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip XC Skis
(Photo/Emma Mure)

The Deal

As a no-fuss, low-care set-up, the Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip ski is ideal for the nordic skier looking to enjoy themselves in all sorts of snow. It’s also a solid choice for the budget-conscious winter adventurer. At $250, it’s more than a great entry- or mid-level ski. It’s a set-up that can keep kicking with you for years to come.

With Prolink Auto bindings already mounted and no need for wax, you can whip these babies out of the package and hit the trials right away. The Prolink Auto bindings are compatible with NNN and Prolink cross-country ski boots. They’re easy to clip in and out of: you simply step your boot-toe into the binding, and it clicks. Then to release, press your pole tip to the top of the binding for a quick release.

The binding system strikes the middle road of possible flexion. It’s not too stiff or soft, so your kicking energy is transmitted directly ahead without wasting too much energy pushing down and off the ski. And with the binding system’s low profile, annoying accumulations of snow or ice around hardware are thankfully minimized.

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Salomon Snowscape 7 Posigrip Ski: Conclusion

Minimize clutter in your gear closet and save the impact on your wallet by crowning the Snowscape 7 Posigrip skis the singular arrow in your quiver of Nordic equipment. It’s the only pair a recreational user needs.

With smart construction and a tried-and-true grip design, this unisex ski is a winner. Anyone looking to venture on snowy trails in a variety of conditions should consider them.

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