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SCARPA Unveils the Lightest GripWalk Hybrid Ski Boots on the Market

SCARPA’s new 4-Quattro may be on top of the boot pile for touring and backcountry travel and performance.

The Italian brand seeks a broad audience for its new boot, which aims at a tricky balance point. While prioritizing versatile utility, it also hunts power, mobility, light weight, and stability when walking.

The 4-Quattro is off to a good start as the lightest GripWalk hybrid ski boot ever made.

GripWalk touts its sole binding technology as the most walkable platform for a ski boot. Instead of the traditional plastic clip system, it embeds its binding components into a treaded rubber sole.

SCARPA adapted the tech into four models of hybrid boots that tip the scale less than any GripWalk boot ever has — each weighs in at 1,500 g or less at an average size.

The 4-Quattro builds on the time-tested Freedom series, which launched in 2013. That platform prioritized alpine-level performance and construction with an overlap shell, low weight, and a wide range of cuff motion.

The brand positions the 4-Quattro to take the logic one step further.

“The 4-Quattro boot is SCARPA’s first line of ski boots fully focused on the alpine-ski world, so we made sure to build a boot that’s performance-oriented, light, and technical enough for the best skiers in the world, but one that’s comfortable and versatile for everyday skiers who want a boot that spans a big range of potential uses,” said Massimo Pellizzer, ski boot category manager for SCARPA.

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SCARPA 4-Quattro Ski Boots Design and Specs

Designers trimmed down volume to give the Quattro line a tighter, performance-minded fit. An over-injected carbon insert bolsters the construction for precise turns and torsional rigidity. Low stand height helps skiers transmit power directly into the sticks.

A thermoformable Intuition liner and integrated RECCO searchability (first featured on the SCARPA F1) round out the key features. Two variants are available: the heavier-duty XT and the lighter-weight SL. Each shell is molded with plant-based plastics.

The 4-Quattro XT weighs 1,500 g (men’s 27) and 1,345 g (women’s 25) and features a stout flex index of 130 for men and 115 for women. An integrated Booster strap also helps XT wearers get a snug fit at the cuff. MSRP: $800.

Men’s (left) and women’s (right) 4-Quattro XT.

The SL is lighter, at 1,430 g (men’s 27) and 1,290 g (women’s 25). And it offers a little more give, at 120 on the flex index for men and 100 for women. MSRP: $700.

Men’s (left) and women’s (right) 4-Quattro SL.

SCARPA unveiled the Quattro line on January 25 in Denver, with help from recently signed ambassador Bode Miller and longtime signee Chris Davenport. Each boot is compatible with GripWalk-certified downhill or touring bindings. As I write this, SCARPA has not yet listed the Quattros on its website.

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