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Tecnica’s Zero G Peak Ski Touring Boot Brings Power Under 1,000 Grams

Tecnica Zero G Peak
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Performance and fun on descents, lightweight for climbing. That’s a holy grail of backcountry touring boots. And for 2022-2023, Tecnica claims its Zero G Peak will get as close to cracking the paradigm as any boot yet.

At under 1,000 g (35 ounces), Tecnica’s Zero G Peak is not the lightest boot on the market. But the brand claims it will be the lightest boot to make downhill skiing fun.

Most ultralight boots — under 750 g (26 ounces) — can’t be modified to custom fit a skier’s foot because the shell is too thin to be punched or ground. They rarely, if ever, have a moldable liner. And while the lightest boots are fleet-footed on climbs, they tend to offer only mediocre performance on the descent.

So Tecnica, like many ski boot manufacturers, aimed to build the lightest boot that’s still fun. It’s a tricky balance, and from the look of it, the Zero G Peak might be the best iteration yet. We haven’t had the chance to test it yet, but can’t wait to get it on the skin track. This is what we know so far.

Tecnica Zero G Peak Ski Boots

Tecnica knows how to cut weight without compromising control and fun. The brand’s 1,320g Zero G Tour Pro was one of the top-selling boots by volume in 2020 and 2021. Still, it took Tecnica 5 years of prototyping to come up with a boot it was happy with.

“When we build boots at Tecnica, there are three pillars we stand by, which are fit, performance, and customization,” said Tecnica’s North American Product Manager, Christian Avery.

“So when we enter a category, we ask ourselves if we can be true to those three pillars and do something genuinely useful for skiers. We also ask ourselves if we can pivot the status quo. And with the Zero G Peak, the answer to both of those questions has been a resounding ‘yes.’”

Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon - CAS Liner Shell
Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon – CAS Liner Shell

The secret to the Zero G Peak’s on-slope performance, according to the brand, is its tall, overlapping cuff and its customizable CAS liner-shell system. It is a lightweight version of the system Tecnica uses in all its top-end boots to enhance skier comfort. Much like a traditional alpine boot, this overlap provides stability and equips the skier to carve powerful, confident turns.

The liner is heat-moldable, and the lower shell has zones designed for punching up to 2 mm as a skier’s foot requires. While I wasn’t able to ski this boot yet, I was able to try it on. The 99 last has a generous fit.

The Zero G Peak’s shell uses a combination of carbon and Grilamid to minimize weight and maximize rigidity. The Zero G Peak Carbon version has a carbon cuff for even more stability in addition to carbon in other parts of the boot. All Zero G Peaks have a bidirectional carbon plate underfoot for a stiff, responsive feel that also increases torsional rigidity.


Slipping into the boot, I noticed how fast the gaiter was to get into. It’s sewn to the sole, so it doesn’t pull out when you hold onto it to get your foot in. It feels natural and supportive with the boot buckled down.

Instant Tour Mode

One of my pet touring boot peeves is having to unbuckle my boots for ascents and then rebuckle them to ski down. This boot flips into tour mode with a single lever. There’s no need to clip and unclip, which is efficient and convenient.

Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon - Power Lock
Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon – Power Lock

The Zero G Peak uses a more traditional catch-cable system as well as a heavy-duty walk-mode lever taken from the original Zero G system that provides an extra-stable backbone for the downhill.

Tecnica’s T-Hike, which is a lighter version of the Double Blocking Mechanism used in its Zero G Tour series, provides strong, progressive flex and best-in-class lateral power transmission.

Zero G Peak Models

The Zero G Peak boot, which Tecnica intends to pair with Blizzard’s capable Zero G LT 80 ski, will be available in three models: Zero G Peak (980 g at 26.5), Zero G Peak W (900 g at 24.5), and Zero G Peak Carbon (990 g at 26.5).

All three boots use the same carbon-Grilamid construction. The Zero G Peak Carbon uses a carbon cuff for extra power and stability.

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