Ouch! The Crashes Behind Extreme Skiing Videos

Ever watch an X Games video and think, “wow, those guys make it look so easy?” Well, it’s not, and this video proves it.

x games real ski urban every attempt reel

For those awed by the incredible skills portrayed in so many YouTube videos (and they are incredible), remember: A lot of pain goes into learning the skills. Last weekend, ‘Real Ski’, an all urban X games video contest, wrapped up.

Skiers send in short, 1-3 minute edits of their best and ballsiest tricks. They fly over park benches, hand-rail kinks, and abandoned buildings. As you could imagine, the falls are brutal, with most landing on concrete in uncomfortable positions.

This video, released yesterday, shows the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into making a video for the X Games.

Created by LJ Strenio, the video shows crash after agonizing crash. But all that leads up to a final cut that shows fluid, beautiful riding.

So the next time you see a perfectly executed backflip onto a handrail, remember, there’s a lot of pain that goes on behind the scenes.