Summer Skimo? Watch 2 Ski Mountaineers Attack, Flail on Emmons Glacier

If you’re gonna forget your permit and your ski poles, and dry heave on a remote mountainside, the views had better be worth it.

Earlier this season, three amateur ski mountaineers attempted a summer summit of Mount Rainier’s Emmons Glacier. If it sounds daring, that’s because it is. High temps, rotten snow — it’s all suboptimal. Long story short, a heatwave stymied the trio’s initial attempt.

This video picks up 3 weeks later, when two of the original three returned for vindication. What would be thoroughly chill footage of two ski-mo buddies skinning up in the backcountry quickly devolves into a tale of type-two fun. Fast-forward to 7:40 for the humdinger: a bottomless, 15-foot-wide crevasse.

“We’re tied together with a rope to ensure our mutual destruction,” they inform us. So, at least there’s that.

Ready for some slow-burning, off-piste adventure? Take a look.

Runtime: 14 minutes

skier going downhill in backcountry
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Jilli Cluff

Jilli grew up in the rural southern Colorado mountains, later moving to Texas for college. After seven years in corporate consulting, she was introduced to sport climbing — and life would never be the same. She now works as a contributor, gear tester, and editor for GearJunkie and other outlets within the AllGear family. She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia where she takes up residence with her climbing gear and one-eared blue heeler, George Michael.

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