Backcountry Snowboard Rafting: Watch Travis Rice and Friends Splash Pow in ‘Snake Milkers’

Joined by his close friend, Travis Rice rafts the Snake River midwinter in search of remote turns.

“Ice in the water — that’s when you know it’s below zero!” The oddly-titled “Snake Milkers” is a low-elevation romp through some of the Pacific Northwest’s least-accessed backcountry powder.

Travis Rice, Nick Koldenhoven, and their cohort stomp continuous big drops down pillow line after pillow line throughout the course of a 21-mile whitewater trip.

Watch the wild bunch tear it up for 45 rollicking minutes in the free film. To test the (ice-cold) water without putting both feet in, check out the above teaser.

Runtime: 3 minutes (trailer), 45 minutes (full film)

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