1-Minute High-Speed Raw Run With Candide Thovex

Could anyone other than Candide Thovex sell a video with a name that instantly invokes the image of yellow snow?

We don’t know, but we don’t have to. Thovex seamlessly rides pillows and floats through massive drops in the short “Yellow Pow.”

Smoothly filmed by Thovex’s usual right-hand man Aziz Benkrich, the footage follows the Frenchman over boulders, down bluffs, and even over a crowded resort tow line.

Watching Thovex ski all day seems like a fine use of time. But if you want to do it with “Yellow Pow,” you’ll have to go one minute at a time.

The video’s brief, unadorned style is starting to become a calling card for the freeskier. It’s hard to argue with the videos’ viral success or their quality of directing focus toward the artistry on screen.

For the first time, enjoy “Yellow Pow” — all 60 seconds of it.

Runtime: 1 minute

Candide Thovex shreds some light gnar in this short powder teaser filmed at Crans-Montana Park. 
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