Watch Sledder Shred Old Army Base, Then Send Loop-the-Loop

Few sledders have ever ridden an inverted loop and lived to tell the tale. It’s been on snowcross legend Levi LaVallee’s bucket list for a while.

LaVallee’s record is no joke — 13 X Games medals in six different snowmobile events don’t lie. The Minnesota native is a wizard who’s happiest when pushing the absolute limits.

“In 2004, Polaris had their 50th anniversary, and I saw the loop for the first time,”  LaVallee told Red Bull. “I remember looking at it and thinking that’s something I could do. But the amount of preparation that has gone into this project is insane.”

What qualifies as an insane amount of preparation? Eighteen years of practice and numerous X Games podiums seem to do the trick.

Levi LaVallee performs in Quebec; (photo/Dan Mathieu for Red Bull Content Pool)
(Photo/Dan Mathieu for Red Bull Content Pool)

In February this year, LaVallee headed to Quebec, where modern snowmobiling was born. There, he partnered with snowpark concept builder Today’s Parks to engineer a 1km course and 30-foot loop in the city’s historical La Citadelle military base.

This short but epic cut follows LaVallee’s send, done in his signature high-octane, BMX-inspired sledding style.

Check. It. Out.

Runtime: 5 minutes

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