Pink Backpacks, Adventure Jewelry… ‘Outdoorsy Girl’ Gift Guide

I am an outdoorsy girl, and depending on my mood and the activity at hand often fall into one of these templates: The Glamper (yoga-loving adventure dabbler); Everyday Explorer (heads to the mountains on weekends); Hardcore Adventurer (climbs scary peaks, crushes out 8-hour days on a bike).

For all these types I offer here below some gift ideas. These are all tested and approved by me and friends, each one a solid pick for the outdoorsy girl in your life. —Chelsey Magness

1. Kyte Osprey Backpack (photo above), $180 — An all-around amazing pack, the Kyte is suitable for any type of adventurous woman. It’s built for backpacking, climbing, or skiing. Comes in two sizes: The 46-liter for a multi-day trip, or a 36-liter size for an overnight or ultralight thru hiker. I personally love Osprey packs — they fit nicely and have all the necessary pockets and straps without going overboard. Above all, they fit extra small ladies like me. (Osprey sizing fit guide)

2. NAU Down Fractal Vest, $155 — The outdoorsy woman loves to layer. Rarely do I ever leave the house with out my vest. Wether I am biking downtown for a drink or headed out for a ski or climbing trip, I always reach for this vest. It keeps the core warm and is easy to layer over or under. Light at 6oz., and puffy and warm with 800-fill down.

3. Sunskis Sunglasses, $33.60 (on sale) — These sunglasses scream SoCal, but they are stylish, comfortable and make you feel like you are livin’ the dream on the beach anywhere. Whether you actually live near a beach or in the frigid north, you can give the gift of warmth with these glasses. An added perk: The company gives 1 percent back to charities.

4. Aeropress $25-30 and Hario Coffee Mill Slim Grinder Mini, $45 — Make one heck of a good cup of coffee on the road. Ever since I was gifted an AeroPress, I will never go back. There have been many mornings it was the reason I got out of bed. Add the hand grinder into the mix and you have an upscale cup of coffee wherever and whenever. (*Bonus Tip: Add a local bag of beans with a note about your next outdoor adventure together.)

5. Ibex Woolies 150 Zip T Neck, $85 — You can use wool in any condition. Cold, wet, and hot temperatures? Wool is the weapon. It can be layered, worn on its own and even worn for days with out taking on the stink. Woolies are my go-to for all of my adventures. Whether it is a multi day adventure race or a quick run along the river, they keep me comfortable (and mostly stink-free).

6. Icebreaker Bliss Wrap, $144.99 — This elegant piece can be worn out on the town, at home, before yoga or on a travel day. It also can be worn three ways, which means she gets three different styles in one piece. (*Bonus Tip: If she is a yogi put a free class card to her favorite yoga studio in the pocket.)

7. Smith Pivlock Asana Sunglasses, $159 — The last thing an athletic women wants to worry about is her sunglasses falling down. I know from experience. Smith has it figured out when it comes to fit, comfort, anti-fog and intimidation factor. Smith’s new Asanas are the women’s-specific or small fit version of the Arenas. (*Bonus Tip: If your girl is an avid racer, add a race entry that the two of you will do or that she and her girlfriends are going to do.)

8. Sperry Top Sider Winter Cove Boots, $130 — These boots are extremely light, waterproof and comfortable. They are great for all types of women because they rate high across the whole spectrum — from cuteness to performance. They also have great traction, which makes them an all-around winter boot. I wear mine up to the mountain, around town, and on my snowy neighborhood walks.

9. Tarma Jewelry, $20-40 — Tarma is one piece of jewelry that I never take off, as it can be worn through many different conditions. It is also so light and comfortable that I often forget about it! The only hard part will be picking which charm she will like the best! I have a few but still stick to my signature piece: The Cairn.

10. Farm to Feet Socks, $12-24 — I love these socks because they are U.S.-made and super comfortable. I have a pair of the “Bend” model, which is named after the town I live in. They double as my slippers in the winter months. A bonus is that they have a lifetime guarantee.

11. Hydroflask Growler, $54.99 — Most girls like a good beer or cider after a great day of getting after it! Whether on a river trip, after a great day on the mountain, or on the bikes, this growler keeps it cold (for up to 24 hours) and carbonated. I always have mine in the car ready for a quick fill at the growler station. Not into beer? It can double as a thermos for hot beverages. (*Bonus Tip: Get the growler engraved with a special quote or saying.)