World's Smallest Flashlight? Tinier Than a AA Battery

World’s Smallest Flashlight? Tinier Than a AA Battery

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It runs on hearing-aid batteries and weighs a scant 5 grams. The to-be-released NanoLite (in funding on Kickstarter this week) is billed the “world’s smallest flashlight.”

It pumps out only 4 lumens of light via a small LED, but that’s enough to read by or do simple tasks at home or at a camp. The light’s body, made of brass, is smaller than a AA battery at about 7.5mm wide and 36mm long.

Takes hearing-aid batteries

Made for periodic (not constant-on) use, the tiny light will last about 40 minutes, the company cites, before it needs new batteries.

The company, True Brands Ltd., is based in the U.K. and sells a line of mini-size products.

Smaller than a battery

A neat little light that’s smaller than the size of a key. See more at the brand’s Kickstarter page, where True is attempting to raise just £8,000 to get the tiny beam to market.

—Stephen Regenold

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