Stupidly cool, Unforgivably expensive 'Lamborghini Bike'

Publicity stunt? Check. Anniversary celebration? OK, we’ll give it to them. The BMC “Lamborghini Edition” bicycle was made to celebrate the automakers’ 50th birthday.

Swiss bicycle brand BMC made a similar Lamborghini bike last year. It was red and cost around $25K. This year, the company unveiled an upgrade, a $32,000 carbon road bike that “reflects the craftsmanship and detail used in the 2013 Lamborghini Aventador car.”

BMC Lamborghini Bikes.jpg

BMC “Lamborghini Edition” bicycle and its namesake car

Built for billionaires and we’re not sure who else, only 50 are being produced. Price aside this bike is undeniably rad, including a carbon frame pimped out in the same paint used on a Lamborghini car.

Tape and saddle leather are the same leather as in the Aventador’s interior. There’s a Lamborghini badge on the front of the bike, and a Campagnolo system provides a full electronic drivetrain for push-button shifting.

BMC Lamborghini top tube.jpg

Fine detail on the frame

It’s absurd, we know. But hardly rare. Bike companies are known to come out with outrageous bikes on occasion. A site called Born Rich documents the extravagance in the post “World’s most expensive bicycles for uber-rich riders.”

—Amy Oberbroeckling

BMC Lamborghini Front detail.jpg

Lamborghini badge, leather from car seats for bar tape