Crumpler does Hydration

”Designed specifically for those that need their bike, the road and little else.” That is Crumpler’s tagline for its Bumper Issue messenger pack, a funky backpack made for mountain biking, commuting or urban riding. The tagline is missing one key element: Water. As of January 2009, hydration packs have been among Crumpler’s product line, which is otherwise known for its unique messenger bags and packs.

Crumpler Bumper Issue exterior.jpg

Crumpler Bumper Issue backpack

The Bumper Issue looks like a Crumpler messenger-style backpack from the outside. It has the same bright colors and signature lines and fabric cuts as seen on other bags from the company.

But the Bumper Issue is cut narrower for a performance fit. It has a sternum strap to keep it on tight while biking in the city or on trails. For hydration, it comes with a 70-ounce hydration reservoir that sits in a sleeve. There are hose ports on both shoulder straps.

The 1,400-cubic-inch pack has a water-resistant shell, a handful of internal pockets, and exterior straps on the side to stash a jacket. For night riding, the pack includes various reflective surfaces to make you more visible to people driving cars.

Crumpler Bumper Issue interior.jpg

Bumper Issue interior

Designed as a hiking and biking pack, the Bumper Issue is currently available in green, red, brown, black and camouflage motifs. It costs $95.

—Ryan Dionne

Posted by Henry Mah - 09/24/2009 02:16 PM

I saw this bag or believe it to be the same one at REI in Seattle. I am a huge Crumpler fan and own 7 of their other bags. This I was to add to my collection and use it on the trails for riding. I currently use Camelbak’s Mule. Crumpler needs to go back to the drawing board on this one. There is nothing here to stray the buyer from Camelbak’s selection. Yes the colours are Crumpler cool and same durable fabric, but the integration of the waterpack with the pack itself leaves much to be desired, not to mention an entry level looking waterpack. Otherwise there is space for your biking trail goodies and good quality all around. Just not a good hydration pack.

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