Hatchet, Paracord knife in new Bear Grylls line from Gerber

Gerber and Bear Grylls are at it again, this spring releasing a hatchet, two knives and a flashlight. The Paracord knife and Intense torch (below) are available now on Gerber’s survival gear page, and the Hatchet and new Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade are coming soon (likely mid–April). Here’s a quick look at the line. —Stephen Regenold

bear grylls hatchet.jpg

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet — 20 ounces light and about 10 inches long, this survival hatchet is made for firewood procurement in the backcountry or for building an ad hoc shelter to stay a night “in a dire survival situation,” as Gerber puts it. Handle is made of polypropylene and with a rubber grip. $48.

Bear Grylls paracord knife model.jpg

Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade — At nearly 8 inches long and with a paracord-wrap handle (45 inches of cord), this survival-oriented blade caught our eye. $37.

bear grylls survival knife.jpg

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade — 10-inch, full-tang blade with fire starter, pommel, sharpener, whistle, and other tools built-in. $105.

bear grylls flashlight.jpg

Takes 2 AA batteries and can run for 17 hours on low. High beam is 140 lumens, or enough to light up a trail for a hundred feet. Six inches long and waterproof. $63.

—GearJunkie interviewed Bear Grylls in 2012. See “Interview with a Bear: Grylls on Survivalism, Knives, and Rabbit Snares.”

Posted by Lane - 04/03/2013 11:05 AM

Other than the finger choil, I don’t see any difference in the new Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade vs. the existing Ultimate Fine Edge Knife (other than minor cosmetic changes.) So why the extra $40 on the price tag?

Posted by Joe - 04/03/2013 11:08 AM

Full tang blade using a better quality steel is what made it cost more.

Posted by David - 04/03/2013 11:17 AM

Lane, the previous version was a joke. Don’t know how the new version stacks up but it is great they went to a full tang. That was one of the big problems with the previous iteration.

Posted by Zombie Hunters Abroad - 04/03/2013 01:01 PM

Dear Gear Junkie,
Thank you for all your hard work. I really enjoy your reviews. I have been looking at the Bear Grylls Hatchet for a few weeks, now that the price is dropping. I was wonder if you could tell me if the handle was removable from the hatchet to allow para cord to be wrapped through the handle like the Para cord fixed blade knife?

Posted by Tom - 04/15/2013 05:12 PM

I’m sorry to see a site like gear junkie, which has so much potential to give rigorous reviews of products, merely functioning as a platform to advertise Gerber (or other brand) products.

Look, according to your own “About” section of the website, you began Gear Junkie to offer “in-depth outdoors product reviews”. I understand this post is meant to be a preview, but if you claim to be knowledgeable about outdoor activities then I’d love to read your thoughts on whether or not these products look good, if you’d consider buying them yourself, or what questions or concerns you have about the products. Rehashing Gerber’s press releases and posting them along with your more serious content devalues the website overall.

I hate to be one those people who hide in the comments section and flame stuff, but I’m hoping someone on the gearjunkie staff will listen. There are few enough blogs offering real reviews of products, I’d hate to lose another.

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