Budget-Friendly Solar Charger

With iPhones and GPS units becoming ubiquitous in the great outdoors, there is a growing market for pocket-size solar chargers. Highgear designed one for backcountry techies on a budget. New this winter, the Highgear SolarPod, at just $50, is a basic solar charger about the size of an iPhone.

Designed to charge phones and mp3 players, the SolarPod is said to disperse power for 40 minutes on an 8-hour solar charge. That should be enough time to rejuvenate your iPod for a few hours of music or your cell phone for some crucial talk time.

Highgear SolarPod.jpg

Highgear SolarPod

Attached to the corner of the SolarPod is a carabiner clip so you can secure it to your pack and charge while you hike. It comes with eight connector tips for various phones, including a USB connector for mp3 players, digital cameras or anything Apple.

The 2.4oz.-unit, which is the company’s first solar charger, has a battery indicator in 25 percent increments to let you know the power that remains.

The SolarPod will be available in December for $50. www.highgear.com

—Ryan Dionne

Posted by Bryon Powell - 11/19/2009 12:34 AM

I wish this little guy had been around when I ran the Marathon des Sables this year. I brought a small no-name solar charger that was so useless that I pitched it after three days. Lookin’ good, Highgear.

Posted by clayton - 11/20/2009 07:14 PM

If this is going to be better than the rest of the junk on the market it better kick out some milli-amps…Others just don’t provide enough juice to get it done. What are the specs on this?

Posted by eric - 11/25/2009 03:42 PM

oh no…not highgear.
personally, i’ve had nothing but bad luck with their watches.
so far, mine has been replaced twice and serviced once.
they’re good about replacing junk, and after i complained they even sent me a pre-paid UPS label. but for as much as i paid for a watch, it should perform better than it has.
if once bitten, twice shy, then i’m six times shy.

Posted by Sean - 12/02/2009 02:31 PM

I love High Gear. The products I’ve used are great! No complaints at all. The few times I have called customer service they’ve been nothing but helpful and courteous.

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