Movie: Reel Rock 8 Features Everest Conflict, Gnarly Whippers

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Sketchy trad climbing, spooky falls, the infamous Ueli Steck/Simone Moro fight with Sherpas on Mount Everest and a teaser clip of the “sex-drugs-n-rock era of Jim Bridwell and the Stonemasters” are all packed into the 95-minutes of Reel Rock 8, the newest edition in Sender Films’ acclaimed series of climbing movies.

The eighth annual Reel Rock Film Tour launches Thursday in Boulder, Portland and New Germany, South Africa. Hundreds of showings around the world will follow.


From the looks of the trailer the show will keep climbers’ eyes glued to the screen for 95 minutes.

Ticket prices vary according to location and are available online.

—Sean McCoy

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