Micro-Backpack Folds Up, Fits in Pocket

Weighing in at just 3 ounces — but touted to be able to carry more than 30 pounds — the just-announced PackBack from Trek Light Gear is a featherweight of a day pack with hidden strength.

Like the company’s hammocks and other bag products, the PackBack is made of a parachute nylon that’s strong and resistant to mildew and rot. It stuffs into a pouch about the size of a wallet and easily slips into the pocket of your blue jeans.

mini backpack.jpg

Pack on the back (left) and in its own attached tiny stuff sack

When unpacked, the stuff sack hangs inside the pack and doubles as a container for valuables such as a cell phone or keys.

Make no mistake, this is a no-frills backpack. It is broken into a main interior compartment and a second smaller compartment that is accessible from outside just behind the wearer’s back.

Like similar models we’ve reviewed over the years (see “Micro Waterproof Pack”), the PackBack is noteworthy mainly for its packability. This is a nice product to have “just in case” during travel or a bike trip, as examples, if you suddenly need capacity to carry a few items on your back.

trek light pack.jpg

Pack loaded up

There is no panel or “support” in the pack, making it uncomfortable if loaded wrong. The shoulder straps are a thin material but just wide enough to spread out the load up to the aforementioned 30 pounds, though that’s a lug.

Unveiled at the Teva Mountain Games earlier this month, the pack created a buzz and promptly sold out at Treklightgear.com. It got my attention on the streets at the Games in Vail Village because of its minimalist design and simple functionality.

For now, the PackBack, which retails at $26.95, is not available. Check back later this summer, if you’re looking for a tiny backpack that stores away literally in a pocket when not in use.

—Contributing writer Sean McCoy is based in Denver.

pack on model.jpg

30-pound weight is about max you want to carry

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Posted by Adam Nutting - 06/13/2012 02:02 PM

How does that compare to the Sea to summit daypack that is pretty much identical? http://www.seatosummit.com/products/display/86

Posted by Winger - 06/13/2012 02:51 PM

I’d expect it to be pretty uncomfortable with 30 lbs loaded, but how is it for a minimal load — say a liter of water + snacks + rain jacket that might come in closer to 10 lbs (or less)?

Posted by Minh Nguyen - 06/13/2012 02:59 PM

North Face makes something similar too but their doesn’t fold as small but pretty damn close if you force it.

Posted by Roy - 06/13/2012 04:11 PM

Adam is right, this is just a knock-off of the Sea To Summit pack that has been out for a couple years. But it appears to be a cheaper fabric and is 0.6 ounces heavier.

Posted by Seth Haber | Trek Light Gear - 06/13/2012 08:07 PM

Hey Gear Junkies –

Trek Light Gear here! As soon as this post went live we started getting lots of questions about the availability, pre-orders, etc. and we’re working on putting something together for you.

In the meantime I highly suggest joining our mailing list (we’re extremely quiet in your inbox unless we’ve got something awesome to share) and following us on Facebook/Twitter. We’ll be posting on all those channels as soon as we have info about having the PackBacks in stock or being able to take pre-orders. We expect to have another very limited quantity available within the next week or two and then a much larger quantity by mid-Summer.

Many thanks to Gear Junkie for the post, as a business owner it always means so much more to get mentioned in something that you’re a huge personal fan of. If there’s anything I can help with in regards to the PackBack, our hammocks, or anything at all – just let me know.

Seth Haber
Trek Light Gear | Founder, CEO
TLG on Facebook

Posted by Mide - 07/18/2012 08:11 AM

Good day,
I saw the product (PackBack) on the website and was greatly impressed. I am from Lagos Nigeria and strongly believe the product will have an impact on the Nigerian society.

I will want to know if there is a working arrangement with any Nigerian company as I would want to work with your company as regards making the product a success in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Thank you very much, I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

Posted by Sharon Yeakley - 09/12/2012 10:34 AM

Great procduct but how do I get it back into the sack??????

Posted by xVx - 09/19/2012 09:53 AM

This looks like a knock-off Sea to Summit. I love my StS waterproof daypack and it is a better investment because their stuff is proven effective.

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