Cartographical Creativity: 10 unique uses for old maps

We at GearJunkie love maps. Unabashedly, our office is filled with them, from past adventure races, road trips, dogsledding excursions, and more. We got to thinking how we could put these adventure relics to use. Here’s what we found, a few creative “upcycle” options to convert your old map into wall art, magnets, or something completely unexpected and new. —Amy Oberbroeckling

wall art map.jpg

paint brush on map.jpg

Sophisticated wall art via Creative Juices Decor

Map Magnets.jpg

Make your own magnets; Photo via Natalme

Map cork board.jpg

Turn your map into a cork board; Photo via design*sponge


Maps from alleycat bike races serve as GearJunkie office art

Map notebook.jpg

Decorate a notebook; Photo via Ruby Murray

Orienteering map.jpg

Orienteering map held up by an ice axe in our office

Map coasters.jpg

Map coasters; Photo via Angie Holden

maps as wrapping paper.jpg

Wrap special presents; Photo via Ruby Murray


State map and DIY frame by Kevin Fonger

map table.jpg

Decoupage a table (or anything really); Photo via Prim and Proper

—Amy Oberbroeckling is assistant editor.