Brompton T Line titanium folding bikes

Folding Titanium Bike: Brompton ‘T Line’ Is Its Lightest Ever

For the first time, Brompton brings titanium into the heart of its frames with its ‘T Line’ of bikes.

Brompton’s lightest bikes ever, the Brompton T Line One and T Line Urban, represent more than just weight savings. They mark major engineering feats for the British brand.

Launching today, the titanium T Line marks the culmination of 3 years of research and development, more than 150 component designs, and a dedicated factory in Sheffield, England.

“The only thing that has been carried over from our classic model is the brake system. Everything else has been finessed, pared back, upgraded,” said Brompton’s chief design and engineering officer Will Carleysmith. “We have gone over this entire product in the minutest detail, looking for every single gram we can find to save on weight.”

Brompton T Line titanium folding bikes

And save on weight Carleysmith and his team did. The T Line One, officially the lightest Brompton ever, weighs 37% less than its steel counterpart.

And while the brand has flirted with titanium on certain parts of its bike in the past — its Superlight series — the T Line is the first Brompton to use full-frame titanium construction.

Brompton T Line Titanium Folding Bike

The T Line comprises two bikes: the T Line One, a single-speed machine, and the T-Line Urban, which sports four speeds. Both models come with a low- or mid-rise handlebar fit. Brompton lists the T Line’s weight at 7.45 kg (16.4 pounds).

In addition to saving weight, Brompton says it used the opportunity to improve virtually all aspects of its trademark folding bike experience. It completely redesigned the drivetrain and tailored the gear ratios to meet the demands of city riding.

welding Brompton titanium folding bike

The T Line uses a carbon crankset and “steel-armored” carbon seat post. According to the brand, this allows the lightweight carbon to manage a 240-pound rider over rough pavement and potholes.

Plus, Brompton says the folding mechanism is easier than ever. And the carbon cranks combine with the carbon fork, carbon handlebars, and cast titanium bottom bracket to more efficiently transfer power and make the bike more responsive.

Brompton T Line titanium folding bike crankset

The T Line One costs $4,795 while the T Line Urban costs $4,995. You can sign up to reserve your bike at, or at selected Brompton Junction stores in London, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, and Paris.

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