Free: Gear Junkie Stickers!

Are you a true gear junkie? Show your colors! After a batch of reader requests over the past few months, we have a new stock of stickers in house and are ready to ship ‘em out. They are free, but here’s the catch: We’re going old-school with this, and you need to mail us a self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Full instructions and address below.)

Above: official sticker!

Instructions: Mail at the address below, and include in your envelope a new envelope, addressed back to you, and with the appropriate postage amount to get a sticker delivered to your home or place of business. Simple! From there, you can attach your ice-axe-equipped vinyl sticker to a car bumper, roof-top gear box, snowboard deck, climbing helmet, bike frame. . . anywhere you want to display some Gear Junkie love!

Send envelope with sticker request intructions to:; 2836 Lyndale Ave. S.; Ste. 100; Minneapolis, MN 55408; USA