Julbo Day/Night, Do-All Optics

The Julbo Breeze sunglasses are the most flexible we’ve seen; they literally mold to the shape of your head. Special available lenses adapt to day and night.

julbo breeze sunglasses review

We first saw these do-all, women’s glasses at the Outdoor Retailer trade show (where we gave them a Best In Show award). Now, after a few months of testing I can confirm: The Julbo Breeze Sunglasses, which cost $180, are worthy of serious consideration for anyone who spends long periods outdoors.

Julbo Breeze Sunglasses

The Zebra Light Fire photochromatic lenses (tested, others are available) allow you to wear these glasses nonstop. They adjust from a dark tint (level 3) to clear (level 1). The super flexible temple arms and a 3D adjustable nose piece complete the package.

I put them to a test through the epic Patagonian Expedition Race last month in Chile, and these have become the top sunglasses in my quiver. Outdoor users and athletes who can’t be bothered with multiple pairs of sunglasses or lenses for varying light conditions (even pitch black night!) will love these.

24-Hour Eyewear

These sunglasses are the answer to those who need eye protection, day and night.

For 24-hour mountain bikers and ultra runners going well into the night will be able to block sun — and nighttime tree branches — with one pair of glasses. Backcountry skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers will get both protection from daytime sun and after dark blowing snow and ice crystals.

julbo breeze

Other uses? Candidates include those dealing with rapid-changing conditions and fog, multisport racers transitioning from one activity to another, and the weekend warrior who wants one pair of sunglasses that will be good in all conditions and never fall off.

Bendable Frame

Unlike other brands that claim to have adjustable frames, I have never been able to fully bend, squeeze in or shape them the way that I can with the Breezes. No matter how sweaty I get or what hat or helmet I put on, I can always adjust the fit and feel.


For the past few weeks I have been testing them in some of the harshest, and most variable conditions. I can count on one hand the number of times I took them off my face in a 7-day nonstop period.

In fact, these are the first pair of sunglasses I have ever worn for 40 hours straight. Between 30 miles per hour head and side winds, hail, snow, fog, intense sun, darkness and miles and miles of bushwhacking during the Patagonian Expedition Race the breezes rarely left my face. They were my stand out, mandatory piece of gear.

The adaptable photochromatic zebra lens coupled with the anti- fog coating, light weight, venting and flexible frame make these a stand out pair of sunglasses. At $180 the Jublo Breeze sunglasses are a bit pricey, but for an all in one pair, it is a bargain in my book!

See them in action! The video below details some of the “love” of expedition racing.