2023 ranger xp kinetic
(Photo/Adventure Studios, John Linn 2021)

Polaris Releases the All-Electric Ranger XP Kinetic

America’s favorite work-focused UTV now runs on electricity, making it quieter, more powerful, and lower impact.

Today, Polaris released an electric version of the Range, one of the most capable work UTVs on the market. Built in partnership with Zero Motorcycles, it’s the first UTV that has a chance of winning over mountain bikers, hikers, and other self-powered outdoor lovers for whom engine noise is as much of a pollutant as gas in the backcountry.

Introducing the New All-Electric Ranger XP Kinetic

2023 ranger xp kinetic - blue pearl
(Photo/Adventure Studios, John Linn 2021)

The new work-focused UTV has industry-leading horsepower and torque, so users can tow more and haul more. At a demo last summer, we saw the Ranger XP Kinetic pull a massive truck with a massive trailer attached — a task well outside the wheelhouse of a gas-powered UTV.

The Ranger XP Kinetic then drove up a metal teeter-totter and balanced perfectly at the top, demonstrating the precision control of the unit’s electric powertrain. The balancing act was particularly impressive when compared to the handling of gas-powered UTVs.


2023 ranger xp kinetic - features
(Photo/Adventure Studios, John Linn 2021)

The Ranger XP Kinetic has so many exciting features that it’s hard to pick the best. Most noticeably, it’s just so damn quiet — it doesn’t sound like a two-stroke lawnmower on steroids. It runs with a quiet whir, no earplugs required.

Some may complain about the lack of braap, but the Ranger XP Kinetic will help keep the places we recreate tranquil and unpolluted. The electric powertrain has fewer moving parts, which means lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

There are no oil changes, filter replacements, spark plugs, or clutch maintenance required. Polaris says that scheduled maintenance costs are expected to be 70% less than average maintenance costs for similar gas-powered vehicles.

“Electrifying an already class-leading product is a very complicated undertaking, but with Polaris we had the advantage of starting with both the best UTV in the industry and a very talented and collaborative team,” said Sam Paschel, CEO of Zero Motorcycles.

“The combination of Zero Motorcycles’ technology, our passion for electrification as a powertrain solutions provider, and Polaris’ dedication to consumer-led innovation has created an all-new electric Ranger that delivers an incredible rider experience.”

2023 ranger xp kinetic - power
(Photo/Adventure Studios, John Linn 2021)

The electric Ranger has an industry-leading 110 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of instant torque that can haul and tow heavy loads even over rough terrain. It’s rated to tow 2,500 pounds and haul an industry-best 1,250 pounds.

With 14 inches of ground clearance, it can navigate most terrain. Add 29-inch, 8-ply Pro Armor X-Terrain tires, and the traction and durability negating rocks and ruts are best in class.

And it’s no rough ride, because the 10 inches of suspension smooths out the trail. A full-coverage front bumper and full-body skid plate add vehicle protection while riding on tough terrain.

Always Informed and Connected

2023 ranger xp kinetic - display
(Photo/Adventure Studios, John Linn 2021)

A new suite of connected technology enables better control and peace of mind. The 7-inch screen displays the estimated remaining range and the battery state of charge. Using Polaris Ride Command (subscription required), riders can drop a waypoint on a charging location and see how far away you are from your next charge.

Ride Command+ allows for remote monitoring of vehicle information, including miles, battery status, and more. It sends vehicle diagnostics directly to your phone, and a remote vehicle locator helps you get back to your vehicle with directions from your phone.

The unit comes with a combined Level 1/Level 2 EV charge cord to charge from a 120V or 240V outlet. With 240v, it can charge as quickly as 5 hours. Polaris has not announced whether the Ranger will plug directly into an EV car charging station.

2023 ranger xp kinetic - charging
(Photo/Adventure Studios, John Linn 2021)

RANGER XP Kinetic is compatible with 95% of RANGER XP 1000 accessories. RANGER XP Kinetic-specific accessories include a fast-acting electric heater kit and an upgraded 3 kW onboard.

We hope they’ll also include a way to put a rooftop tent, kayak racks, and bike mounts on the roof of this UTV, turning it into an adventure vehicle too.

Preorder Your Ranger XP Kinetic Now

RANGER XP Kinetic is available as a three-seat model and is offered in two trim levels, Premium and Ultimate. The Premium trim ($24,999) has 14.9 kWh of lithium-ion battery capacity with an estimated range of 45 miles.

The Ultimate trim ($29,999) has 29.8 kWh of battery capacity and an estimated range of up to 80 miles. The Ultimate trim also features a 7-inch infotainment screen and dash-mounted speakers. Both are available for preorder now. The first units will be delivered in summer 2022.

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