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Rooftop Tent, High Routes, ‘Nozipp’ Sleeping Bag: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories for the past week, March 13 – March 19, 2016.

week in review

1. First Look: Wolverine Boot With Vibram ‘Arctic Grip’ Sole

Exclusive test: Vibram Arctic Grip soles are said to give “up to three times better grip” on wet ice surfaces. We put it through the paces last week on sheer, slick lake ice.

2. New POV Camera Live Streams Video Without Phone

We got an early look at this revolutionary POV camera that connects directly to cellular networks where you can live stream your videos to the world, no phone needed.

3. The Resort That Adventure Built: ‘True North’ Basecamp

Just feet from groomed fat bike trails in the winter or mountain bike singletrack in summer, a new resort in northern Minnesota redefines the cabin in the woods as an adventure haven. Welcome to True North Basecamp.

4. High Routes: Backpacking’s Exciting Next Level

‘High routes’ are concentrated adventure. Go high, and stay as high as possible without any technical climbing. Renowned backpacker Andrew Skurka explains how.

5. A New Era Of ‘Theft Resistant’ Bikes

As long as scumbags steal bikes, there will be a market for methods to thwart them. Yerka and Fortified are two brands making bikes with theft deterrent designs.

6. How To Start A Fire With A Lemon

Who knew? This technique can easily be replicated with a battery and short pieces of wire.

7. ‘EvenFlip’ Upgrades The Hot Dog Stick

The EvenFlip might be the coolest hot dog cooking stick in the campground.

8. ‘Blade Boarding’ A Bobsled Track As Crazy As It Sounds

If skeleton or luge isn’t enough, marry a longboard style skateboard with some ice skates and head to your local bobsled track to attempt the brand new sport of ‘ice blading.’

9. Sending It, Cross-Country Style

Think you’re a badass on those alpine fat skis? This guy sets the bar way up there, getting powder turns, dropping pillows, and gapping a creek, all on skinny cross country skis.

10. First Look: Tepui ‘Kukenam Sky’ Rooftop Tent

With large areas of mesh for a breezy interior and lots of views, the Kukenam Sky is a rooftop abode that turns any car, truck, or van into a modest camper.

11. Hoka Clayton Review: Speedy, Protective & Light

Have your cushion and run fast too? The Hoka One One Clayton proves to be protective, supportive, and still screaming fast.

12. Compact PowerLight Mini For Camp, Trail & Bike

A unique new LED product lets you ditch your camp lantern, bike light, portable charger, and flashlight for a singular multifunction unit.

13. Jamaican Fishermen’s ‘Delicious Solution’ To Lionfish Invasion

Lionfish are a highly invasive species in the Caribbean, wiping out reef life with their voracious appetite. This entertaining video offers one possible solution and a look into the lives of Jamaican fishermen.

14. How To Get A Tax Break By Biking To Work

A little-known incentive—the Bicycle Commuter Benefit—is hidden in the tax code, and it can benefit both bicycle commuters, and their employers.

15. A Bivouac For Minimalist Motorcycle Tours

Motorcyclists can use their steed as structure to support this simple bivy made from tough Cordura fabric.

16. The Comprehensive Gear Guide For Adventure Dogs

Thousands of miles of hiking, running, and exploring with a dog have uncovered some must-have gear to keep you and your four-legged friend safe and happy.

17. ‘Nozipp’ Sleeping Bag Closes With Magnets

The unique design allows use in a broad temperature range, from well below freezing to temperate summer nights.

18. Brilliant! One-Wheel ‘Honey Badger’ Hauls Heavy Loads

Haul tools, coolers, kids… or an elk. The Honey Badger Wheel is made to move heavy objects on the trail or off.

19. ‘The Runner’ Seeks Contestants For $1Million Race

If you are ‘shrewd, tough, physically fit, and independent,’ this competition could earn you a fortune.

20. How To: Photograph Aurora Borealis & Headlamp Beam

Want to photograph the northern lights? It takes careful planning and preparation, but the result is worth it. Here’s how to make it work.

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