New Ninja Suit Is A ‘Woolverino’ Onesie

A onesie for adults, this base layer is stealthy enough to wear almost anywhere.


Airblaster took the classic union suit and gave it a technical upgrade. Ten years ago it created the original Ninja Suit as a base layer for snowboarders. The new ‘Woolverino‘ blended wool/synthetic fabric is the update to its classic merino wool version – and with a name like that, few can resist.

Airblaster Woolverino Ninja Suit Review ($189)

I tested the long underwear all winter long doing just about every activity I could fathom. Snowboarding, getting groceries, winter camping, hiking, and my personal favorite — avoiding pants when working from home — proved it’s a versatile piece of clothing.

wolverino merino wool onesie

A few standout features are the 350-degree zipper for going to the bathroom, a hood, the merino fabric blend, and thumbholes.

The 350-Degree Zipper: I was excited and a little skeptical when I saw the wraparound zipper on the suit. After several ‘tests’ I can say it works really well and ensures you don’t have to completely disrobe when nature calls. It also has a front fly.


The Hood: I love hoods. Most of my other base layers lack them and I found myself using it all the time. When not in use, it’s not too bulky and sits nicely under a jacket or mid-layer.

The Fabric: It’s 60 percent merino wool, 30 percent Tencel, 10 percent Lycra. I prefer wool base layers because they are warm and you can wear them several times without them getting too smelly. Airblaster claims that the Woolverino blend helps the suit dry faster and last longer.

Airblaster-Woolverino-Ninja-Suit-Thumb-HoleThe Thumbholes: The Ninja Suit has extra-large thumb holes. They aren’t revolutionary, but they are a nice touch.

Other Awesome Features: Since it’s a full suit, you don’t get that draft of cold air on your lower back when reaching upward. Similarly, if you take a tumble snowboarding, the snow can’t find its way down your underpants.

At 210g/m², it’s a mid-weight layer and it kept me warm in all my activities as long as I dressed properly. I did overheat in it once, wearing it at the movies under my normal clothes on a bitterly cold day. Halfway through the movie I was sitting with it unzipped, bare chest showing — thankfully it was dark.

gear tester and author Steve Graepel wearing the Ortovox Rockn Wool base layer long sleeve as he carries skis
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Room For Improvement: I wore it comfortably for a few days straight while camping but can’t claim that it felt magical on my skin. The Woolverino blend is a bit itchy. I have tested wool base layers from a number of brands and have to say this isn’t quite as plush as others.

I woke up from winter camping a few nights and felt a cold strip around my waist. The rest of my body was toasty warm but the zipper had chilled to a cooler temp than the wool and I could feel it – kind of strange.

Airblaster Woolverino Ninja Suit

Overall Impression

The Ninja Suit has a fun factor that is missing in most outdoor gear. It evoked feelings of sneakiness and adventure that no other base layer could.

At $189 the Ninja Suit is a reasonable price for a merino base layer that covers your top, bottom, and head. A women’s version is also available. If you’re looking for a one-piece base layer — or want to be a toasty warm ninja — it might be right for you.

Jake Ferguson

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