LORE LoreOne cycling shoes

LoreOne on Sale Now: The First Custom 3D-Printed Cycling Shoe

Cyclists looking to improve their efficiency and boost their performance can now order fully custom LoreOne cycling shoes.

LORE, a California and Mountain West-based company, teased the launch of the LoreOne back in February. Now, cyclists who have been eagerly awaiting the LoreOne can preorder their own custom pair.

LORE utilizes unique Morphic scan and print technology to manufacture the LoreOne. Cyclists scan their feet at home using an iPhone and the Morphic App. This personalized scan translates into a fully custom shoe robotically manufactured in the U.S.

LoreOne cycling shoes

The shoes offer more than just a precise fit. LORE claims that the 3D-printed, hard-shell carbon shoes are a breakthrough component with deep performance implications for the sport. World champion triathlete Timothy O’Donnell, who has been testing the shoes, agreed.

“I was amazed to look down at my Garmin and see the watts jump significantly over my normal shoes — the sensation of pedal drive and broader power band was instantly apparent. The better power transfer and improved efficiency are clear, and I’m excited for the potential gains that those energy savings can bring on the run. The LoreOne is a sport-changing piece of equipment,” said O’Donnell of his experience with the LoreOne.

For another look at how the shoes might improve performance, check out the teaser that Lore released earlier this year:

The first 277 orders will be part of a limited-edition LORE Founder’s Kit. This kit includes the custom cycling shoes and three booties featuring a limited edition color. It also contains a technical shoe travel bag, a commemorative pennant, and a Founder’s Edition cycling cap. The kit is priced at $1,900 and can be ordered online.

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