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Save Up to 60% on icebreaker Merino Wool Performance Apparel

The icebreaker end-of-season sale is the perfect time to save big on hundreds of merino wool layers. From summerweight boxers to cooler hoodies, you can find discounts of half off its popular performance and everyday layers.

The end-of-season sale is the brand’s biggest of the year. You can save up to 50% off online (and in-store) on hundreds of icebreaker’s bestselling styles.

Right now through August 21st, you can save an additional 10% on all orders over $150. That’s 60% off!

The sale runs through August 21, but we can’t guarantee everything will be in stock that long. The sale is sitewide, with only a few exclusions. It isn’t often that icebreaker has discounts like these, so stock up today.

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Icebreaker’s Evolving Sustainability

Icebreaker was founded in New Zealand by Jeremy Moon in 1995. Part of its ethos was to produce sustainable and natural apparel that performed. Now a part of VF Corporation, icebreaker continues this mission as well as adding transparency to its business.

Known as a wool brand, icebreaker uses natural merino fibers for its softness against the skin. Its properties help it regulate temperatures and wick moisture, and it’s odor-resistant.

The reliance on this fiber led icebreaker to develop long-term relationships with merino farmers, well ahead of many competitors. This gives the brand a consistent supply of merino fiber, while its 10-year contracts provide stability and security for the farmers. Working together “creates a world-first platform for progressive farming across 55 stations in New Zealand,” icebreaker said.

Looking ahead, icebreaker wants to make all of its clothes from wool and plant-based fibers by 2023. That means removing or finding alternatives to the small percentage of synthetics used in its apparel. Additionally, the brand has committed to moving to regenerative practices through the ZQRx program with Allbirds, Smartwool, and NZ Merino.

Save Up to 60%

The Crush & Shifter Pants — Women’s & Men’s: From $70 (Up to 50% Off)

Icebreaker Crush and Shifter pants

These merino wool jogger-style sweatpants are one of icebreaker’s perennial bestsellers. The Crush and Shifter Pants use the brand’s core-spun knit fabric for a soft feel against the skin. And they add a touch of elastane for stretch and mobility.

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Anatomica Cool-Lite Boxer — Men’s: $30 (Up to 40% Off)

icebreaker mens cool-lite merino anoatomica boxers

Yes, wool boxers are a thing. The brand uses Tencel plant fibers (sourced from eucalyptus) with its wool for its Cool-Lite technology. The idea is to make the most of both fibers’ ability: to wick moisture, regulate body temperatures, and keep you feeling dry and cool.

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Merino Tech Lite Short Sleeve Crewe T-Shirt — Women’s & Men’s: From $45 (Up to 40% Off)

icebreaker Merino Tech Lite Short Sleeve Crewe Tshirt

The Tech Lite Crewe is an all-around tee that makes use of merino wool’s penchant for moisture-wicking and odor control, with added stretch too. Those are part of what makes wool shirts a staple on any outdoor adventure, especially ones where you need to wear the same clothes for days.

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Quantum II Long Sleeve Zip Hooded Jacket — Women’s & Men’s: From $136 (Up to 30% Off)

Icebreaker Quantum II long sleeve zip hooded jackets

Whether you’re playing in alpine areas this summer or looking ahead to fall, this is a midlayer that works as a breathable insulator. Of course, during high-output missions, this can be worn as an outer layer, with a hood to retain some heat and a full front zipper to dump heat as well.

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Cool-Lite Merino Motion Seamless Long Sleeve Crewe — Women’s & Men’s: $77 (30% Off)


icebreaker cool-lite merino motion seamless long sleeve crewe t-shirt

This lightweight wool shirt uses the brand’s Cool-Lite tech and makes for a technical training base layer year-round. There’s some stretch added for mobility, in addition to the combo of wool and Tencel fibers for moisture-wicking and breathability.

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End-of-Season Savings

Icebreaker has hundreds of deals to choose from. And remember, while the sale runs through August 21, inventory will likely thin out by then. Whether you’re shopping for now or those fast-approaching winter days, chances are you’ll find some deals are too good to pass up.

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